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Project & Program Management

We develop and administer projects throughout the entire project and program lifecycle—from focusing stakeholder objectives, directing conceptual development, managing implementation, monitoring and adapting resources, and deployment. Be ready with a process in place for what comes after completion—service maintenance is a critical service to ensure the facilities, applications, events, and other critical infrastructure you rely on experience zero total down time.

Resiliency Consulting

In a world with constantly shifting paradigms, we need to foresee, not just address, critical service disruptors to ensure remediation and disaster recovery before they occur. With over forty years of experience GDG has been a leader in preemptive project hardening against foreseeable disaster, and also in preemptive planning for when disaster is unforeseeable, as is the case more often than not.


From providing planning services for the built environment and physical property in the face of natural or manmade disaster, to developing solutions to secure digital property against accidental or malicious damage, our network has the experience to minimize the effect of surprises whenever they occur.

Contracting & Administration

GDG operates an integrated contracting division operating in the United States, Latin America, Central Europe, and the Middle East. Providing total turnkey packages addressing the entirety of the design, development, documentation, implementation administration, and maintenance project lifecycles, our clients include governments, multinationals, and private individuals—all who have come to rely on our in-house and global network of partners and contractors—wherever they are in the world.

Specialized Management &
Advisory Consulting

  • Risk Management

  • Strategy Development

  • Process Improvement

  • Logistics & Procurement

  • Hospitality Consulting

  • Development & Feasibility Planning

  • Design, Engineering, & Architecture Services

  • Foreign Services Mission Support 

  • Educational Institution Solutions

  • Cultural Programs Development & Logistics

  • IT & Telecom Infrastructure Planning & Procurement

  • BrandingMarketing, & Communications

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